We’re featured in the Lifestyle and Children section of the Haute beauty guide website:

I found these cute pillows from EGGKIDS.  The bright designs and googly eyes really grab Olivia’s attention.  She stares at the pink Sophia the hippo pillowcase and just laughs.  It is the cutest thing ever!  The pillows were the perfect start to our baby play corner.  From there I found a great fur rug. It is the only way Olivia will do tummy time.  She seems to like the feeling of the carpet.

One of Olivia’s favorite toys is a soft blanket.  We bring one everywhere we go! This EGGKIDS SMÅLAND BLANKET is one of her favorites. It is so soft and light so she can easily maneuver it.  I regret not grabbing the SOPHIA the pink hippo one also now that I know how entertained she is by that character.  Nothing we both love more than snuggling into her baby play corner with a book and her blanky!  This was so easy to set up; just a few pillows, toys and baskets to hold it all.  From the first day, Olivia fought tummy time less and less.